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Andrea, Owner / Designer

Andrea, Designer / Owner of, LLC

Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, Andrea has learned and practiced design in Minneapolis, Italy, Los Angeles, and now De Pere, Green Bay, and Door County. She was originally inspired to pursue interior design after attending antique auctions as a child and on family trips to architectural landmarks by Frank Lloyd Wright throughout the United States. 

Andrea has had the privilege of working in very small, intimate design offices.  At InUnison Design in Minneapolis she worked with the talented Christine Frisk, and then onto Los Angeles where Andrea designed with Kathleen Clements and her son Tommy.  Tommy was listed in Architectural Digests AD 100, 2013 One's to Watch. Clements Design caters to very high end clients including Ellen Degeneres, they are also published in Veranda. Andrea owes her appreciation to fine art and eclectic surroundings to the Clements'. 


With a penchant for traditional inspirations that take on a modern twist, textures from crunchy to high gloss, and accessories that express you, creates exactly what you need and want out of your home.  Through the intimate process of conversation and design exploration with you, we will pin down your design niche to create your space.