our services.

we are not limited to the 3 levels, but it's a great starting point! 

consults are on us for the first 1/2 hour.  after meeting and getting to know each other, we develop a unique plan to move forward and are open and honest about every step along the way. from there...


simple one 

the least invasive but still getting the most bang for your buck! you get our ideas and our time, but you fill in some of the blanks on your own time...

from minor renovation floor plans to entire home colors consultations.  


middle of the road 

the most common, we meet over coffee and you show us your amazing pinterest board and we set up a meeting with your contractor to start a little bit of project management.  we walk through the showrooms together and we help you place orders....more or less hours, you call the shots. 


last but not least

we're all in this together! you're building a new house and want us to take care of all the tiny details, from new home plans to staging your move in or decorating your home during the busy holiday season.

 your result is a home that is perfectly you, and you barely had to lift a finger.